Frequently Asked Questions

An autogate system is a convenient and secure way for controlling access to your property. It automates the opening and closing of the front gate, eliminating the need for manual operation. Homeowners can operate the gate remotely from inside of their vehicle using a remote control, or using a dedicated switch inside the house.

Having an autogate system installed helps enhance your home security by allowing only authorized access and also adds a level of convenience, especially in adverse weather conditions we’re used to having in Malaysia or when carrying heavy items.

The system can also be tailored to suit the needs of the household, with options of a system equipped with backup power, integration with home security systems, customizable opening/closing speeds and safety features. It’s a smart investment for any homeowner to upgrade their home security and convenience.

The price for autogate system in Malaysia varies according to brand, where you buy it from and the features of the specific system. The cost for our D’NOR autogate system starts from RM1,300 and up to RM2,300+ including installation, depending on the model you chose.

Currently we do not provide installation service for the autogate system, but we will outsource the service to authorized dealers.

Just the basic maintenance comprising of regular cleaning of the motor and doing a self inspection for any damaged parts. You should also monitor on the motor’s performance, whether both of the gates are in sync and if there are any noise upon opening and closing of the gate.

Yes, they can. Depending on the model, you will need to use an allen key or a key release to open the gate manually. Do note that our gates are equipped with battery to provide up to 72 hours of backup power for autogate operations.