Autogate Motor Model 212K

​Italy Technology. Swing / Folding Auto Gate Operator.
With 4 channel remote control.

Price starts from RM1,600 to RM1,800.






Power Supply AC 220V, 60Hz/50Hz
Operating Voltage DC24V for Normal Speed
DC12V for Cushioning Speed
Max Length Of Gate 3.5 Meter per Wing
Safety Clutch Electronic Current Sensing
Electronic Controller Micro-processor Based
Position Limit Device Electronic Fuzzy Logic​
Driving Method Electro – Mechanical screw drive piston type
Back-up Battery 12 volt 7AH Rechargeable
Max Gate Weight 380kg per Wing with Force Adjustable
Motor Power Supply 12 – 24V
Travel Time 90(Sec) 9 – 13sec
Working Temperature 10 C° to 50 C°
Weight (Kg) 2.9kg


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Frequently Asked Questions

DNOR autogate Model 212K is an arm type auto gate system. It is suitable for use on folding and swing type of gate.

The Model 212K autogate motor is installed at the side of the gate. The infrared sensor will detect upon any buttons pressed on the keypad or remote control, and the basic functions such as opening or closing of the gate will be responded accordingly.

As with any other autogate system, there are a few advantage and disadvantages of our Model 212K system;

  • Advantage: It helps with improving convenience for the users.
  • Disadvantage: Opening and closing of the gate freely by pushing it is not possible. You will need to use an allen key to unlock the gate manually.

Yes, we provide warranty on the Model 212K autogate system for up to 2 years, with terms and conditions applied.

Yes, depending on the current condition of the gate. If the condition is poor, we will have to change the gate entirely along with the autogate installation.

Yes, DNOR Model 212K is equipped with batteries to provide backup power for autogate operation in case of electrical outage. It can last up to 72 hours without getting any electricity support.

Our Model 212K autogate is not equipped with any security features. If you’re looking for a model with enhanced with security features, you may prefer to take a look at our autogate model Turbo 880

There are a few differences between those two:

  • The keylock release is different.
  • Model 212K is 2 or 4 channel system while Model 212 is only a 2 channel system.
  • Model 212K is a heavy duty motor which can withstand heavier gates while Model 212 is a normal motor.
  • Model 212K is more suitable for bigger sized gate seen on semi-detached houses, bungalow, commercial lot and etc while Model 212 is more suited for smaller sized gate usually seen on terrace and semi detached houses.

Yes, of course. Do note that you will be charged with an additional installation fees.